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PiersEnvironmental Planning and Surveying Inc has emerged as a reputable planning and surveying company aimed at shaping the infrastructure of West Kingston, RI. We have a professional team of civil engineer, structural engineer, and surveyor that are fully equipped with the state of the art systems.

Our area of services is widespread and caters to the needs of construction including dock installation, flood certifications, septic system design, lot surveys, and lot sub-divisions. With the vision of tailored scope for each of its services, Environmental Planning and Surveying Inc has fully satisfied the needs of its many clients.

With a view to fully satisfy the clients’ requirements, working with Environmental Planning and Surveying Inc guarantees you that you are with a hardworking and enthusiastic team of workers to ensure maximum utilization of resources and timely service completion.

To learn more about our services and on ways that we can offer our expertise with you, contact us in West Kingston, RI today!

Septic System Design | Structural Engineer


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