Structural Engineer

A structural engineer is someone who specializes in design, construction, repair, conversion, conservation, and generally all aspects of a structure and its stability. When it comes to design and construction, a structural engineer plays a key role, alongside a civil engineer, architect, and surveyor. As a team, they create sturdy structures, such as docks and piers that can withstand stresses and pressures imposed through environmental conditions and human use.

Most structural engineers today work primarily as consultants to architects. When architects propose a construction layout, a structural engineer reviews it, especially focusing on calculating the loads and the fitting of the structure to the architecture, and then decides on what structural systems to implement.

As structural engineering is usually associated to public safety, structural engineers has to pass a licensing exam and has to be, thereafter, register before practicing the skill. To hire a certified structural engineer for your project contact Environmental Planning and Surveying Inc in West Kingston, RI today!